In my chats with Jamie in the car on our school run, I like to talk to him about issues that are pertinent and current, not just about super heroes and the weather.

On Thursday the 14th of March, it is ‘World Kidney Day’. I doubt it’s going to get much exposure on my social radar and definitely not on Jamie’s, so I think it’s worth a chat about.


Here are my 10 Jamie-sized kidney bites:
  1. They make urine (weeee!) and take out lots of nasties – like the Brita filter in our fridge
  2. We need them to live, but we only need 1 (yes, you can donate a kidney)
  3. Diabetes and high blood pressure are risk factors for kidney disease (won’t go into too much detail)
  4. They really hurt if you have a kidney stone (yes, I know this from 1st hand experience)
  5. It is as bad as childbirth (yes, I know this also from experience) (might skip this one)
  6. Water helps to keep them healthy (water, not cream soda)
  7. Smoking is a no-no for kidneys (and in general, Jamie, you heard me!)
  8. Over the counter drugs can damage your kidneys (anti-inflammatories!) (for me to keep in mind)
  9. Hold the salt and even cranberry juice requires moderation
  10. Keeping fit is important for your kidneys


As the wife of a doctor, I’m also always going on about being on the organ donor list and giving blood.

Get on the donor list. Kidneys are high up there in terms of wanted organs!

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