An oldie but a goodie! As you can tell by the images, this CD is well listened to and it’s one of Jamie’s favourites as well. He tends to repeat track 7 over and over to listen to each instrument being introduced – but the best is the tubular bells at the end!

Tubular Bells 2 came out in 1992 and was on my dad’s most played CD lists for ages, so always reminds me of him. Mike Oldfield is amazing, he plays all the instruments himself. It also went to number one in the UK charts.

They’re all incredible, but our best tracks are:

  • No. 7: The Bell – it goes through individual instruments and culminates in them all playing together. So fun for Jamie to identify each instrument.
  • No. 12: Altered State – it’s such a strange song with odd lyrics and weird noises, but I love it.
  • No.1: Sentinel
  • No. 5: Sunjammer – upbeat, something fun to rock a bit to

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