Along with many green-beer loving people all over the world, I will certainly be donning something green to celebrate Saint Patricks Day this weekend, the 17th of March.

It’s always been on my bucket list to go to Ireland and celebrate it there, but, even in my 10 years of living in the UK, I unfortunately never made it. The idea of green drinks, music, dancing, parties and a collective ‘greeness’ always appealed to me.

This year (2019), on St Patricks Day, my family will be on the road, off on a farm adventure in Fouriesburg of all places. While we drive beside green fields, I plan to take along some great Irish music to play in the car and a few fun, BASIC facts to share with the boys.


My top 10 St Patricks Day facts for Jamie:


  1. It’s the most important public holiday in Ireland, in honour of a man called Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland
  2. Patrick in Irish, is Pádraig
  3. According to legend there are no snakes in Ireland because St Patrick banished them by chasing them into the sea
  4. Everyone wears green on St Patricks Day
  5. There is a big parade in Dublin to celebrate with lots of music and dancing
  6. 3 leafed Clovers (shamrock) bring good luck and you can eat them, they make good milkshakes apparently
  7. Leprechauns are little men who make shoes and have hidden a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but, there are no female ones!
  8. Furthermore, they celebrate it on the International Space Station
  9. The traditional food to eat on the day is corned beef and cabbage. Hungry?
  10. It’s been called the Friendliest Day of the year by the Guinness Book of World Records

(Thanks Wikipedia)


Here’s a little St Patricks Day video of facts I found to show the kids in the car.


A little weird but here is a leprechaun at a parade

leprechaun at parade

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