The School Run

Every day, like many other parents, I drive my kids to school. Unfortunately for us, the school that we have chosen for Jamie, and that we are happy with, is 11Km away. It’s not a lot, unless you are driving in morning traffic, with every other commuter into Sandton. If we leave 10min late, we’re screwed. So we are often screwed!

We are one of those scrape-into-school types. There are a few of us. The same gang of people who arrive pretty much at 8am on the dot. You can spot us. We are generally the ones running in, slightly dishevelled, dragging our children by the hand, waving at each other, sometimes muttering ‘beat ya’ under our breaths.

For me, the morning school run is often torturous. I have Waze running on the phone in my lap and I generally follow the higgledy-piggledy route it wants me to take – often resulting me cursing and turning around only to take the route I was planning on in the first place. Then my use of profanities increases when see the expected time of arrival creeping to 08:05 or else it re-calculates itself mid-route to try take you another way. Waze doesn’t always get it right!


The yelling and screaming and nagging and pleading in my house every morning is something to behold, even with the help of our lovely Bongi. One would imagine that a 6-year-old would be able to do a bit more or cooperate just a little when running against the clock, but no. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. Waddling around with one sock on, lost shoes and complaining about the clothes I’ve put out the night before to neeeeeeeding to sit on the loo at 06:59.

Sun block and brushing teeth are the enemy. Then you have a wobbly tooth in the mix and you’re in trouble.

On the road

Our trip to school usually takes about 45min and in that time Jamie and I get to chat about all sorts of things. It’s the time in the day when we can really talk, so from that side of things, I really enjoy it. We read the billboards and discuss random facts about things like “is The Flash or Superman faster?” Google helps us out a lot. (The answer is Flash by the way).

So, on our way to school, I’ve decided to talk to Jamie about a few topics which I feel are important for him to know about (more on that later), including, a musical education. MY music, from MY childhood. I want to use my 45min wisely. I want to get his opinion and go down my own memory lane, living my memories through music. Let’s do this.

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