red nose day 2019

Today, Friday the 15th of March is Comic Relief day (red nose day) in the UK. It’s a massive day where everyone including schools, celebrities and organisations raise awareness and funds for children in need.

I remember as a kid (in the early 90’s) that it was always a big day. Schools sold red noses and you bought noses to put on your cars. I even remember one year they had heat sensitive noses that changed colour.

The fun aside, it was always a way to raise money for child welfare. Why did South Africa stop participating, especially since it’s so close to home? It came back in 2017 and then stopped again. I contacted Child Welfare and the person on the other end is ‘finding out’, I did read that it’s due to a lack of funding, how sad is that?

I chatted to Jamie about it briefly this morning. I spoke about when I was at school, what we did, but also about what it’s in aid of. He was interested in the noses part and was sad when I said that there are a lot of kids out there who don’t have food, shelter, water or a loving home.

We need to tell our overly privileged children that it’s not all roses out there. There are so many children in the world who don’t have the basic things that our northern-suburb kids take for granted. We can’t cotton-wool them forever.

The Child Welfare South Africa website seems out of date, but they do post every now and then on Facebook  

And you can still donate to child welfare South Africa.



If you want to have a bit of a cry, watch this video of Ed Sheeran and a girl called Peaches in Liberia.e

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