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My eldest son Jamie started school in 2017 and it’s now a bit further away from Blairgowrie, in Morningside. His school friends live around Morningside and River Club and so a lot of socialising carries on in these new areas for me. I don’t know that much about this side of town, so I started the Moms of Morningside Facebook group as a platform for me and other moms to connect with each other.

It’s a forum, a market-place and a sounding board. A space for moms to be moms.


To join, all you need to be is a mom, living in one of the following areas:

  • Morningside
  • Morningside Manor
  • River Club
  • Parkmore
  • Benmore
  • Gallo Manor
  • Duxberry
  • Bryanston East

To be extended to:

  • Rivonia
  • Edenburg
  • Woodmead
  • Wendywood
  • Strathavon
moms of morningside map
Moms of Morningside map

Here are some other rules…

  1. It’s for residents of the above areas only – and only one per mom. You’re only a local resident in one suburb.
  2. Moms and moms to be only (sorry no grandparents and aunts and cousins
  3. Your kids need to still be in school (i.e. under 18)
  4. Answer all 3 questions to be added (truthfully)
  5. Advertising:
    1. Advertise your second-hand baby goods any day of the week, other goods within moderation
    2. No scouting for work, properties or fitness shake type ads
    3. Keep your business advertising to Fridays only and please keep it reasonable
    4. We don’t want to see the same advert every week and we don’t want to be bombarded with more than one post from you on a Friday
    5. Support your local moms
  6. No abuse, shaming, bitchiness, labelling, defamation of character
  7. No anti vaccination talk (sorry, just no)
  8. If you ask to join another moms group and you have moved, or live outside of the local area, you will be removed/added to the correct group
  9. No ‘bumping’ posts
  10. Don’t lie about where you live. If you’re not local, please start up your own mom’s group, I’m sure there are local moms out there who want a community just as much as you do.


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