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Moms of Morningside

My eldest son Jamie started school in 2017 and it’s now a bit further away from Blairgowrie, in Morningside. His school friends live around Morningside … Read More ›

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Moms of Emmarentia & Greenside

Otherwise known as MOEG moms (yes, we all are), this Facebook group I started because these suburbs border on Blairgowrie, but also on the parks. … Read More ›

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Park Moms

After Moms of Blairgowrie became popular, many moms from the surrounding neighbourhoods started to request to join the group. It was evident that there was … Read More ›

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Moms of Blairgowrie

I formed this group in early 2014 after a chat with a now friend on the BCA Facebook page about wanting to find a local … Read More ›

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Moms of…

When I moved to Johannesburg after having my first son Jamie  in the UK I was lost. I didn’t know many people with kids and … Read More ›

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